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ASPO-USA Conference 2011:  Peak Oil, Energy & the Economy
Truth in Energy
November 2-5 Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
Washington, DC

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We look forward to welcoming you to Washington DC for the 2011 (7th annual) ASPO-USA conference at the Capitol Hill Hyatt

We have an impressive line-up of speakers to provide new analysis, new insights, and new perspectives on the energy challenges and opportunities facing America and the world.

Truth In Energy is the theme of this year's conference -- focusing on the importance of reliable, transparent energy information, and the need to have a clear understanding of our energy challenges to make wise decisions for the future.

The program will build on our internationally-acclaimed annual conferences to interpret the latest technical data, forge new partnerships, and develop innovative ways to communicate about peak oil issues.

The conference kicks off with an evening reception on Wednesday, November 2nd. Optional Capitol Hill focused activities are happening during the day on Wednesday November 2.

Core conference sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday, November 3-4, with Friday focusing on solutions and wise responses to Peak Oil and resource depletion.

Special roundtable and workgroup sessions will be held on Saturday, November 5.

I look forward to seeing you all there.


Jan Lars Mueller
Executive Director, ASPO-USA

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Peak Oil, Energy and the Economy

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William Catton, Jr.
Author, Overshoot: The Ecological Basis for Revolutionary Change

Richard Heinberg
Post Carbon Institute

Wes Jackson
The Land Institute

Jean Laherrère
retired Geologist/Geophysicist; President, ASPO France

Chris Martenson
CM & Co.

Charles Maxwell
Weeden & Co

Robert Rapier
Merica International

Jeff Rubin
Former CIBC Chief Economist

Chris Skrebowski
Energy Institute, London

Kjell Aleklett
President, ASPO International

Arthur Berman
Labyrinth Consulting Services, Inc.; ASPO-USA Board Member

Roger Bezdek
Management Information Services, Inc.

Jeffrey Brown
Independent Petroleum Geologist; ASPO-USA Board Member

Andy Buckingham
Buckingham Exploration, LLC

Kurt Cobb
Freelance Writer; Author, "Prelude"

Guy Dauncey
BC Sustainable Energy Association

Naomi Davis
Blacks in Green

Nicole Foss
The Automatic Earth

Angelina Galetiva
Principal, NEOptions Inc.

John Michael Greer
Independent Scholar; The Archdruid Report

Jim Hansen
Ravenna Capital Management

Robert Hirsch

Robert Howarth
Cornell University

Anthony Ingraffea
Cornell University

Rob Jackson
Duke University

Peter Kilde
West Central Wisconsin Community Action Agency Inc.

Michael Klare
Hampshire College

Minqi Li
University of Utah

Amy Mall
National Resources Defense Council

Jan Mueller
Executive Director, ASPO-USA

David Murphy
The Oil Drum, EROI Institute, SUNY-ESF

Aaron Newton

Dmitry Orlov

Beth Osborne
US Department of Transportation

Arlee Reno
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

Joshua Schank
Eno Transportation Foundation

Charles Schlumberger, FRAeS
The World Bank

Jason Stevens

Gail Tverberg
The Oil Drum

Richard Vodra
Spire Investment Partners, LLC

Tom Whipple
ASPO-USA's Peak Oil Review

Ken Zweibel
The George Washington University Solar Institute

Sharon Astyk
Writer; Farmer; ASPO-USA Board Member

Megan Bachman
Reporter, Yellow Springs News; ASPO-USA Board Member

Jim Baldauf
Co-Founder and President, ASPO-USA

Dave Room
Co-founder, Bay Localize; ASPO-USA Board Member

Ron Swenson
CEO, Swenson Technology; ASPO-USA Board Member

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